And Then, This Happened!

On Saturday, September 5, after about 24 hours of travel, my husband arrived in Tashkent!

He left from Arlington, VA on Friday morning. As I slept nine time zones into the future, he made his way to Germany via New York City.

Saturday afternoon in Tashkent I got a haircut, washed my car at the embassy, went to the grocery store and the Commissary, and tried to keep myself occupied with unnecessary house cleaning, all as I tracked his flight from Germany to Uzbekistan. I even baked a casserole (people who know me grin here).

When the flight path started to look like this I got very excited:

The diplomatic expedite team was supposed to pick me up at 20:15 to proceed to the airport, but just before 20:00 they arrived in front of my gate and buzzed my security screen, requesting we leave early. Brilliant! I was already putting my shoes on and off we went.

At the airport, myself and a couple of other colleagues arrived and made our way through the parts of the airport most of us never see. I showed my diplomatic accreditation and was able to run into the international pre-Customs baggage claim area where I saw my husband awaiting his suitcases. In a moment I ran up behind him and we were reunited, after 3.5 months apart.

In my excitement at the airport, I forgot to get a photo of us together, but I did snap this quick picture as we arrived at our home:

L and V, together again!!

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