It was Friday morning, St. Patrick’s Day, and my husband and I were leaving for work. The temperature was in the mid-50s Fahrenheit, and as we’d decided two nights before looking at the weather, it was time for the tortoises to come out of hibernation. Apparently they’d had the same thought, because as we lifted the lid off their burrow, they were already on the way out themselves. For the first time since October 18 (150 days), we were seeing our tortoises awake and on the move!

I didn’t come home from work on Friday until after 20:00, so I didn’t get to see them again. But they spent most of Saturday somewhat befuddled, falling asleep mid-step on a sunny patch of tile. This morning they were more active, and this afternoon they finally got interested in eating again. Imagine not eating for five months!

And best of all, they got baths to remove all of the mud and debris, and aid in rehydration.


After the tortoises dried off, we put them in a sideways box and they nestled into a towel and fell back asleep. I’m really happy to look out the window and see them trundling around the yard. It feels like they were gone for a long time.

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