Big Apple

4: Number of days in NYC

4: Number of postcards purchased

4: Number of bags lugged

49: Number of minutes it mysteriously took to check into my hotel

499: Number of times I may have randomly charged my iPhone in public

3: Members of the 178th A-100 I saw

3: Subway tickets purchased

3: Number of times I paid for Wi-fi

3: Number of South Asian taxi drivers I rode with

34: Number of podcasts I downloaded thanks to Facebook crowdsourcing

2: Number of meetings attended to discuss the domestic impact of consular work abroad

2: Number of shoes taken to repair shop

2: Times I went to the post office

2: Number of food deliveries

2: Glasses of wine I sipped on a sunny Tuesday afternoon

27: My perception of how many times I had to check with Lufthansa to confirm I had an aisle seat

1: Set of license plates mailed back to the Commonwealth of Virginia

1: Trip to Chipotle

1: Broken shopping bag

1: Box of Band-aids used on my right foot

1: Deep tissue massage

1: Honey milk spa pedicure in the Village

1: Rooftop bar visit

111: Times I looked at Google Maps

111,111: Times I fretted about my Russian

1,000,000: Times I felt grateful

Two-story NYC parking: the solution?



Ummm. I make my own money, and don’t need to be parented at my age – but thanks!

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

Rooftop bar at the Roosevelt Hotel

Rooftop bar at the Roosevelt Hotel

Until we meet again…

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