First Wedding Anniversary

Seven years and nine months ago tonight, I went on my first date with a guy who I didn’t really know, but from whom I soon would become inseparable. And then one year ago today, I donned an enormous dress. I walked down the aisle of Evangelisch-Lutherische St. Matthäus-Kirche in San Francisco, California, and pledged to love and cherish him until death us do part.

On our wedding day, friends, family and our wedding photographer Rhonda Geidt snapped more than 1,600 photographs as we celebrated our union around the city, and at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. Here are a few dozen of my favorites, courtesy of Rhonda Geidt Photography, RC, KN-C, MM, and KJ…enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “First Wedding Anniversary

    1. Thank you! The world map was the background for the escort cards at our wedding reception dinner. It was just an idea for a design element that our wedding planner had knowing that my husband and I love to travel, and many of our wedding guests traveled to attend, including from Germany and Macedonia . 🙂


  1. Adrianna Stankovich

    Hi! I came across your blog and as a married female aspiring FSO, I was so happy to find it! I studied in Russia, so I completely understand learning such a difficult language. You’r wedding pictures are lovely! I notice the pictures with the crowns. My husband and I were married in a Ukrainian church and we also had crowns!

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. I’m really happy to be able to read about the perspective of a woman in the Foreign Service!


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      1. Adrianna Stankovich

        I lost track of your blog and after trying off an on for a few years I finally found it again!

        I studied abroad twice in Russia as an undergrad studying language, culture, literature, and history. It was an amazing experience. First in Fall 1999 and again in Spring 2002.

        I just submitted my Personal Narratives a few weeks ago. This is my third round. The first one I took for practice. I wasn’t ready but I barely passed. The second I didn’t have a lot of time to study. I still knew I wasn’t ready, but I took it and barely failed. I’m hoping third times a charm!

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      2. Glad you found Collecting Postcards again, Adrianna! 🙂 Your time in Russia sounds interesting. I don’t think I would ever master the Russian language to that level, but I am getting by (kind of) with my consular Russian and the translation talents (when needed) of our local staff. Congrats on getting to the QEP three times! I too hope the third time will be a charm for you. Good luck on your journey!


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